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Cedarwood Cove Tofino BC


About Cedarwood Cove

Cedarwood Cove is a stunning Wellness & Adventure Retreat located on the Pacific North-West ocean, Tofino, Vancouver Island. Immersed in old growth forest, offering breathtaking views of Meares Island, the Tofino inlet, the mountains and beyond. Bathe amongst giant cedars whilst listening to the birds of the inlet. Enjoy the simple pleasures of living in a beach town, within a National Park, and breathe west coast air! The sandy beaches of Tofino are yours to stroll and beach comb all day, whilst the happy surfers line the waves waiting for swell. Take in all the magic… This is Cedarwood Cove, this is Tofino. Come stay with us to rejuvenate, refresh and relax.


A day in the life of Cedarwood Cove

At Cedarwood Cove, it is our hope to inspire you to enjoy all of the things we love to do, and how to make the most of your time staying with us, so that it is unforgettable! Want to enjoy Tofino like a local? This could be your day in a life at Cedarwood Cove.

Retreat Packages


Sunrise Studio Cabin at Cedarwood Cove Tofino BC

Sunrise Studio Cabin

From $200/night
Cedarwood Cove Tofino Waterfront 3 bedroom Retreat

Waterfront 3 Bedroom Retreat

From $400/night