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Stand Up Paddling - Cedarwood Cove

Stand Up Paddling

At your doorstep at Cedarwood Cove

Let’s Paddle!

Stand up Paddle boarding is a MUST when you stay at Cedarwood Cove. Suitable for all levels, you will experience the calm waters of the inlet, and learn some skills on the water in a unique setting like no other. We launch the SUP boards right here from the private jetty! Guides are all certified with Paddle Canada, and have wilderness first aid training. Whether its your 100th time paddling or you are just starting, its your first time paddling at Cedarwood Cove and the waters and channels and tide times are all new to you, that is why its necessary and important for you to go with a guide for your first paddle here. Thank you for respecting our safety requirements.



Beginners/Family/Group SUP Tour – $75 per person


  • Suitable for all levels
  • Up to 6 people
  • Minimum age 4, kids under 10 sit on boards with instructor
  • Safety intro
  • Skills clinic
  • Inlet paddle around bear island!
  • Games
  • Nature guide
  • 1-1.5hrs
  • Special group offer: 6 people $400

Rent board after tour: $25 for rest of stay

Stand Up Paddling at Cedarwood Cove Tofino



Intermediate SUP – $85 per person


  • Must have had experience on the water.
  • Must be comfortable on choppy waters
  • Must satisfy instructor for safety and skills, and be able to navigate around the equipment
  • Safety Intro
  • Skills clinic
    • Inlet paddle
    • Island Exploration
    • Night paddle
  • 1.5-2hrs

Rent board after tour: $25 for rest of stay



Advanced SUP – $100 per person


  • For experienced paddlers only. Paddling in open ocean water, and be comfortable on choppy swell, must be able to navigate high traffic coastal waters.
  • Must have completed beginner’s safety and skills tour and satisfy instructor.
    • Night paddle
    • Grice Bay
    • Tofino loop
    • Meares Island
    • 1.5-3hrs

Rent board after tour: $25 for rest of stay

Stand Up Paddling Cedarwood Cove, Tofino BC



 SUP skills clinic $200 per person


  • For all levels.
  • Whatever your skill level is, try this 3 class SUP clinic to develop your paddling skills, and take advantage of exploring more of the inlet, and the surrounding waters.
  • If you are a beginner, you can expect to be paddling like an intermediate! If you are an intermediate, then expect to be paddling like an expert!! And if you are advanced, you will be taken on all pro routes and learn more about coastal navigation.