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Massage - Cedarwood Cove


Time to relax

Invest in your body

Massage treatments are available onsite in the Wellness Studio. Guests can enjoy using the onsite sauna, before receiving a signature Cedarwood Cove therapeutic massage in the comforts of a heated massage bed, aromatherapy and relaxing studio space away from any disturbances. During the summer, rainforest massage treatments aswell as body scrubs are also available. Add a medicinal tonic, or delicious elixir at the end of your treatment for total vitality. Using organic essential oils, a special blend will be created after a full consultation. Couples massages are also available.

  • 60 minute Cedarwood Cove signature massage $90.00
  • 90 minute Cedarwood Cove signature massage $120.00
  • 90 minute Rainforest massage including body scrub $150.00