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Storm Watching - Cedarwood Cove

Storm Watching

Feel the power of the wild west coast

Embrace the elements!

There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothing, and you definitely want the right gear if you are coming to experience the delights of Winter. Storms on the west coast are wild and simply beautiful, and for the brave at heart the surf is the biggest of the year. Grab your dog, your rubber boats and get on the beach and watch all of the action before soaking in our outdoor hot tub on your return. Add this luxurious retreat to your storm watch experience!

  • 1 yoga and meditation class in the Wellness Studio
  • 90 minute massage treatment and warm elixir in the Wellness Studio
  • Guided hike to storm watching hot spot
  • Hot chocolate elixir with a twist

Cost: $175 per person