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Easy to arrive, hard to leave

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Email is the best way to get in touch with us here at Cedarwood Cove. We are constantly on the go and not always around a phone. We will reply to your questions or comments within 1 or 2 days. Please fill out this contact form or if you prefer, send an email via cedarwoodcovetofino@gmail.com. Before you write us a question that you can find out yourself, make sure you check this informative website, as we think we’ve covered everything! Please check the availability calendar  for the dates that you are looking for, or BOOK NOW for the: Waterfront 3 Bedroom Retreat.

We look forward to chatting with you about your stay in Tofino!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the beach from Cedarwood Cove?

We are so lucky to live right on the inlet, and have access to the ocean, but the walkable beaches and surf are a stroll away. North Chestermans beach is the prettiest beach in Tofino, and makes a complete loop onto South Chestermans beach providing the perfect option for your daily stroll and beach comb session. Cox Bay is our favuorite beach to surf, and is a 5 minute bike ride away.

Do we need a car in Tofino?

Cedarwood Cove is close to all of the best beaches (Cox and Chestermans) and about a 20 minute bike ride from town. You don’t need a car if you don’t want one! We will lend you bikes while you’re here. Al is a bike mechanic and he has some great rides for you to borrow.

Does is rain a lot in Tofino? Do I need rain gear?

Yes, it sure does. We get about 203 rain days per year. If you are coming in the winter then we recommend bringing rain gear if you have some favourite stuff of your own, but otherwise we have jackets, pants, boots and umbrellas for our guests.

Do you offer airport pickup?

If we are available, we can offer pick ups from YAZ, and we are a short 15 minute drive away. Please ask in advance, or call the Tofino Taxi for a pick up service.

Is there a manual for Cedarwood Cove I can look at?

As soon as we secure your booking, we will send you a manual with everything you need to know including all the best things to do in Tofino!

I need to cancel, what are your terms?

We have a strict cancellation policy, and require 50% non returnable deposit on booking, and the remaining 50% 1 month prior to your arrival.

Can I bring my dog?

We live amongst wolves, bears, cougars and migrating birds. Dogs need to be kept on a leash on the property, and not be allowed to roam freely, and definitely require their own doggy supplies like beds, towels and poop bags. We love dogs, but we also respect that dogs attract and disturb wildlife. Please ask before you bring your dog, a small dog fee is applied if agreed.

Will I see a wolf or a bear?

Wildlife encounters can be exciting, but dangerous to you and the animal. Sadly, wildlife is becoming habituated and there have been instances of dogs taken by wolves on the beaches, bears rummaging in garbage cans and sometimes, sadly, being shot by a park ranger because they have now become a threat to humans in those examples. This isn’t what we want for our wildlife, so be wildlife aware, take care of your garbage and respect all wildlife.

Can I invite my friends over whilst I’m staying at Cedarwood Cove?

We are a private property, and this is our home. We are so grateful to share it with you, and for us to continue enjoying providing this space for our guests, please respect our guidelines, and meet your friends at the beach or one of the many wonderful restaurants in Tofino.

Can I get married here?

Please send a note if you would like to get married on our property, its a beautiful space to say I do, and we do offer wedding packages in some instances

Will my family enjoy the space?

There is something for everyone at Cedarwood Cove! The garden has little trails for the kids to run around, and the beach box of games keeps everyone entertained. The bikes give everyone some freedom to do their own thing, and the wellness studio is a great break for those needing to relax. Hot tub and sauna?! Greenhouse to potter around in?! Huge deck and living space?? Seriously your family will love it here! If you need extra help with child minding, when available your hosts can assist.

Do return guests get discount?

We LOVE return guests, so please come back and let us offer you a discounted package!