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Cedarwood Cove Wellness Studio - Cedarwood Cove

Step into your private studio

Cedarwood Cove Wellness Studio

Unique to Cedarwood Cove is the onsite Wellness Studio, where guests of Cedarwood Cove can enjoy wellness treatments including massage treatments, yoga, and mindfulness meditation.

This space is also available to hire for wellness practitioners, yoga teachers, massage therapists, bodyworkers, personal trainers, and workshop hosts. The private studio has private parking, and is equipped with massage tables, yoga mats, exercise rings and weights, mediation cushions and a small bathroom and kitchenette with basic utensils for everything you will need. Enjoy the wellness books and reference materials, aswell as massage oils and bedding if needed.

The studio can be reserved for $20 per hour. If you would like to reserve your spot, fill out the contact form on this page, and Michelle will get back to you.

Wellness Studio Features


handmade old growth cedar kitchen includes mini fridge, cooker, kettle and crockery for all your needs

Outside deck

views to the outside decking, patio doors looking out to the trees

Personal training equipment

small weights, kettle bells, hanging rings, and roller mats

Yoga & meditation equipment

6 yoga mats, and meditation cushions, yoga blocks and straps

Massage Equipment

2 massage tables, bedding, heated blankets and massage oils

Private comfortable space

heated space, wooden flooring, sound system with music, wifi, and pocket washroom

Wellness Studio Rates

Rent by the hour
  • Heated space, wooden flooring, wifi
  • Private location, quiet, parking

Reserve your spot

Please fill out the form below and Michelle will get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to having you at the Cedarwood Cove Wellness Studio.

Wellness Studio Form